Printed BackSacks are Back in Black

Did that title get your attention? Sneaky you say, designed to sensationalise his Promotional Bags you say, out of context you say…

Well, perhaps not. Our full printed backsacks are intended to promote your business, organisation or leisure group, and at the same time fill a crack in the bag market.

photograph of a printed backsackMake no mistake, down on Hipster Street (my research conducted on Collingwood’s Smith St), backsacks are way up there with fluro onesies, Beats by Dr Dre and Nanna hairstyles. Not only are they straight up fashion icons but practical too. You don’t have to be an upwardly mobile 20 something (or 30 something at a pinch and defo not in your 40s), to appreciate
the varied uses and flexiblity of a sack draped over your back. I know a 40 something mum who swears by them for carting around her kids’ sports gear – unlike other bags, you chuck them in the wash when dirty from sweaty training gear or muddy boots. Printed backsacks are also making an appearance on the morning trains as cost effective solutions for officeworkers and tradies.

So, who said the swag was dead? It’s alive and kicking across the country.

Brandable? Absolutely and let’s face it, you’re not considering full colour backsacks unless there’s a benefit to your business or club. We offer a full print option on all of our backsacks that will highlight your brand, logo, message or mission statement – anything that gets you known down on Hipster Street.

Did I really fit crack, sack and back into a blog post? Disgraceful.