Printed Coasters for the Party People

picture of promotional coastersThat party season is now truly in full swing – don’t fool yourself folks, your constitution’s going to get a hammering one way or another till summers’ end.

I’ve now had two massive parties and one indulgent lunch that would put my dog, Shug’s appetite to shame…and he’s a legend round our parts. Thing is, I also know that what goes up, comes down…and what goes in, forms around my middle. And come season’s end, I’ll be dragged kicking and screaming to the gym for months of pennance!

How could I avoid all this strife and exercise down the track? Well, the answer of course is to impose limits on my partying and levels of indulgence….but that would be to deny oneself free spirit and lots of of fun. That’s not me you see…

I like to eat like no one’s watching, dance like tomorrow’s the end of days and drink like I have a house cleaner….which I don’t. That presents a problem the morning after when cleaning up is a health related necessity.

So, how can you lesssen that mopping up workload the day after? Well, I’ve been doing this caper for a few years now and the one, single technique I use to help eliminate those annoying rings of congealed booze, is to simply use promotional printed coasters.

Like no other product available to marketers, the coaster gets universal usage. From metal to cork and paper to vinyl, there is a printed coaster for almost any application. Right now, my coffee cup rests on a cork coaster and when I get home, my iced tea will reside on a paper coaster atop my glass table.

And how do I clean up after the Mother of all parties? Those cardboard printed coasters hit the recyling bin – a clear conscience (in-part) after all the wild shenanigans the night before!