Printed Pens…Again!

picture of banner printed pensHere we go again! If I’ve written once about printed pens, I’ve written a dozen times about them! Or is that the case? You see, as a promotional product, pens are so numerous and diverse, and by extension, no two blog articles could ever be the same. No two recipient offices could be the same – one of our clients chose a banner printed pen (the body of the pen contains a furled banner on which is printed all your important messages) and delivered it to two sets of his customers.
The strictly authoritarian Gov office he gifted to couldn’t “officially” recieve the pens…but somehow managed to take 2000 – work that out, and the franchise offices of his company gave away to the public 5000 via their shopping centre stalls. Same pen, two different end destinations. Of course they’ll all be used by members of the public who will invariably unfurl the banners and read his carefully crafted message and call to action, many times probably – and you don’t get that penetration and longevity with a print AD that will start the BBQ at the weekend…

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