Printed Rulers – Nothing Squigley Here

image of three promotional rulersI’m not one to draw straight lines at the best of times – as soon as I left school, I headed into a life of wild abandon; favouring the unpredictability that chance bestows upon us. Heard of the Chaos Theory? Well, it’s not the most reliable way of governing your life – all of life’s moments flow on from an initial action, like the butterfly effect, and you have to accept all the consequences as sweet serendipity. It is a lifestyle suited to the young and reckless – no matter what awful things happen in life and how tragedy unfolds, it’s all in the bigger scheme of things. Human intervention is negligible and part of the bigger plan if you will.

And I can see the attraction of that theory in later life too as one seeks understanding and finds absolution in the random futility of existence (sounds a bit negative that!).

However, in these middle years where I shoulder the responsibility of family and work, the Chaos Theory isn’t good enough! I now refuse to accept my life’s path is pre-determined by chance. If I didn’t plan for my children’s future, I’d be failing them as a father.

So, now I use printed rulers when drawing straight lines, because industry & business, and modern society needs boundaries lest we all fall into a messy, intertwined quagmire…

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