Printed T Shirts – Preferably Cotton, not Wool

picture of a crazy printed t shirt In a world of mass-production and consumption, there is a growing trend towards bespoke designs and individual expressionism – sound wanky? Perhaps but are you yourself a “sheep”? Are you so indoctrinated by societal pressure that you wear the prescribed suit and tie to work, jeans and nike t shirt at home, whilst walking the labrador with 2.2 kids in tow around your standard suburban estate flocked with Ford Falcons and Commodores?

Of course you don’t because one size doesn’t fit all – if it did, we’d be living in a communist utopia and saying “yes” all the time.

My wardrobe bears little resemblance to my brother and my friends’ robes. What fits me both in size and nature would hang loose on some and skin tight on others, while my eclectic taste in tees would have some reaching for dark glasses as they cross themselves. That’s me, and no one will dictate what I should wear. I’m select but impressed by boldness in others, I value the decision making that steers away from the norm and presents challenging images and messages. It’s worth stressing at this point that I’m not barking mad, narcissistic nor savant….

I’m also not alone in this preference for self and group expression. There are many employers and team leaders around the country who promote themselves and their team’s successes with galvanising promotional clothing items. Printed t shirts are an excellent way to brand yet inspire those around you and infront of you. Our walking billboards come in plenty of challenging colours and our print options help you celebrate all that is inspiring about your people and their successes. When printing a t shirt, a logo says who you are but the message says what you’re about – we’re all humans, that’s granted but special humans no less.

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