Promotional Backsacks for the Burbs

promo backsack pictureExpress promotional backsacks are regarded as the new chic out in the “burbs”. And who lives out in the outer reaches of our towns and cities? You and me, and plenty like us.

When did you last take your kids swimming or to footy or a party, a sleepover, a trip to the beach, the bush or a daytrip to the city? In most instances, there’s a plethora of foods, drinks, spare clothes, sunnies, hat, suncream, Mp3 player, book, magazine, wallet, purse, travel card, etc etc that you need to carry securely with you. I am of course referring to moments when the car is left behind and we venture out into the world on foot or on two wheels.

Express promotional backpacks are the ideal solution to carry all of the above “hands free” so you get on with wrangling kids or the dog. By their very size, they’re compact bags and very space efficient.

So, their merits for end-consumers are quite plain to see but how would buying a consignment of express promotional backsacks benefit you as a business owner, sports team manager or charitable organisation coordinator?

It’s their portability and versatility over just about any other promotional item which earns their place near the to of the promotions tree. Couple that with a massive branding space and colours to match your identity, and you have a walking billboard with guaranteed ongoing usage.

Hold on, I forgot the added benefit of gifting an object of fine function and form! Express promotional backsacks are one of biggest sellers by organisations for the good folks in the burbs.

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