Promotional Beanies for Youth and Vitality

picture of a promotional beanieIt’s a strange world we live in where hats are fashionably worn inside buildings, instead of their natural habitat outdoors protecting us from the elements.Mind you, it’s a world where sunglasses are worn after dark and watches are worn on the right wrist…Not that I’m a prude or an old fogey before my time but I fail to see the rational for keeping one’s head super-heated or sheilded against the sun while watching TV….or eating lunch in the kitchen, yet young folks seem oblivious to this fact.

Mind you, 30 years ago I did relatively similar by wearing a trenchcoat in sumer and tshirts in winter.

Yet, despite my obvious resistance to change, I tried on one of our promotional beanies stock the other day…and was magnificently transformed into a young-ish looking hipster…and after the physical transition occurred, a strange mental metamorphosis warped my demeanor from old cock to young bantam….I felt lighter in spirit and delightfully irresponsible.

Since the promotional beanie incident, I’ve taken a shine to Taylor Smith (in a purely musically appreciative way) and started staying up way past my prescribed bedtime.

It’s like that Zak Effron movie “17 again” where age and wisdom hijack a young, light body for a while – until fate kicks in and restores the natural order of things…pah!