Promotional Calico Bags for Savings at the Till

picture of promo calico bagsLike most folks I meet, I sometimes fall into the trap of wearing blinkers and regarding objects around me as fit for one purpose only. A car gets you from A to B, an orange is for peeling and eating, and a napkin is for wiping your mouth. These items actually have other uses than their primary purpose and it’s symptomatic of our lazy, spoon fed society that we can’t see secondary and further uses for everyday items. I’m not suggesting you live in your car, play football with an orange or insulate yourself on cold nights with a box of napkins.

One item we sell in their thousands are humble promotional calico bags. For most of you buying a consignment of bags, you’ll use them to bundle up goodies for your prospective customers at trade shows and events. The’re great for that – lightweight, durable and with a MASSIVE branding space! But what happens after the conference is over and the delegates go home to their suburban homes and families?

That’s where the secondary use kicks in. For years, supermarkets have been charging for plastic bags and the general awareness of readily available throwaway bags making their way into our oceans and landfills has spurred many of us into action. I for one don’t want plastic bags in my house, cluttering up the cupboard under the sink. We’re seeing a return to the stock shopping bag or bags our grandparents used to cart groceries home from the shops. More and more, it’s Calico Bags we’re using and it’s a need readily satisfied by promotional calico bags ex promo event, complete with advertising slogans and branding efforts.

Next time you go to a supermarket, take a sideways glance at all the smug eco-shoppers pulling out their promo tote bags and saving 10c a go at the till.

Why isn’t your company name there?

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