Promotional Clocks – Marking a third of our Lives

picture of a custom promotional clockAs the sole male in my house, I live a life that is strangely immersed yet distinct from my family. There are discussions I am not aware of, and deals and arrangements that do not include me. Does that sound bad? Like I’ve been excluded from the bossom of my kith and kin?

Not really. Y’see, they don’t know about my secret life after I wave them goodbye in the driveway…

Thinking back to my childhood and watching Dad leave for work each day, I only had an inkling of what he did during those long hours; who he worked with, what he did, where he had coffee, which paper he read, if he popped out to the shops at lunch or to the Dry Cleaners. All I really knew for certain was he left home at 8.45am and returned and 5.15pm. If you added up all those periods; 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year, 40 years worth….it’s a lot of time – basically I had no idea what my Dad did for a third of his life.

Is that you? Is a third of your life essentially private? Activity that goes un-recorded, unrecognised, unknown?

A man on the radio this morning said “it’s all about the paycheque” and that is true but what are you actually doing during your 8 hours of graft? Do you find satisfaction in your core job description? Chances are you won’t. What helps make your working life complete is talking with colleagues about their weekend, helping the delivery guy, being proactive about the kitchen roster, changing a light bulb etc – those peripheral activities associated with work help make you feel an important part of the process. They make you feel worthwhile.

So while I didn’t know exactly what happened during those secret-life of Dad hours, I do know that by his very nature he was actively engaged with those around him, assisting and being part of that community, just as he did at home.

Reading this at work is another example of peripheral activity – I’ve waffled so much I’ve lost track of time and what I intended to write about which was promotional clocks.