Promotional Frisbees – Take Flight

image of multicoloured promotional frisbees“I have a dream…” that one day I will break free from the shackles that bind me to this desk and my commitment to a pension fund.” This year I looked at my LinkedIn profile and was saddened by my title – “Sales Manager” (of what, and who cares?!). You’d think that after nearly 50 years of revolving round the sun, I’d have amounted to more than someone who “manages sales”…well, that’s how I feel…
And I got to thinking about my dreams and aspirations when I was a boy, of all the exciting things I hoped to do in my working life. The obvious come to mind like Fireman and Racing Car Driver. Well, I’ve driven a race prepared vehicle on a track and won so I guess I can cross that off the list. The one thing I always wanted to do was fly a plane. “Pilot” sounds so trite and almost normal so I decided to rebrand my career as “Aviator” and learn to fly planes. I’ll continue to work here and write till I’m flying planes for a living.

Thing is you’ve got to start somewhere and by my reckoning, going back to the basics of flight will help give me an appreciation of what my new career will involve…so I gabbed a promotional frisbee and spent a solid hour of research in the park with the dog.

Exercise is wonderful thing; it regulates appetite and sleep, and is even known to help you lose weight….but the main benefit to me is in regulating my aspirations and helping me remember that I AM scared of heights and close spaces…not a good combination for an Aviator.

Give me the park and a promotional frisbee anyday.