Promotional Golf Supplies

promo golf accessoriesIn a conversation earlier with our resident New Zealander Sales Guru, Will, I asked him to name a sport…“any sport Will”. “Eh, sorry Bro, like a ball sport? Track and field? Water Sport…..”. “well, it could be any of those Will, you choose”. The conversation went on in a similar vein for a couple of minutes until our great sales sage offered “Golf”. Thank goodness for that, something definitive at last!

The next request for promotional golf supplies was a simpler affair as Will is a fast learner (let’s apply that to the dirty coffee cups in the sink then shall we Will?….).

Thanks Will. We haven’t quite struck up a quasi-promotional deal with Titleist to sell their golf clubs yet – chance would be a fine thing – but in the meantime, we do have a great stock of the above promotional items.

And the main advantage to you of gifting a funky collection of golfing accessories is that it demonstrates to clients/customers and staff that you understand life isn’t all about work. For most of us, it’s family and close friends, and then Golf. And while you’re fumbling around in the rough searching for that lost club you threw in despair after the ball you lost…you’ll be touched by the consideration extended by gifting that promotional umbrella, promotional golf tees and promotional golf balls.

It’s not just that these are inherrently practical gifts to a golfer but it’s the perceived value that will blow them away.

You never know, perhaps you’ll also be on that green throwing your promotional golf balls into the drink with your new client, striking up comraderie, strengthening the relationship, paying for drinks (all par for the course my friend!).

Not Will, he’s a rugby man and generous to a tee.