Promotional Hip Flasks – still “in”, still “hip”

photo of a hip flask

Now, far be it for me to Lord it above anyone on the topic of responsible drinking – I too enjoy the odd drink with friends and family, and have been known to imbibe to great satisfaction on more than one occassion!

Gees I’m the wrong person to write this post…but the flipside is, I know what I’m talking about! So, let’s get down to Promotional Hip Flasks…why one earth do they exist when alcohol comes in neat little glass bottles? We could all mosey on down to the golf club with a bottle of Jack in our jacket pocket and swig liberally. We could hit the beach and scull a 1/4 bottle of scotch in polite company. We could wear a tweed cap with two cans of beer strapped to the sides and take clients fly fishing.

Or could we?

Don’t know about you but the idea of drinking out of a brown paper bag has never appealed to me. I associate it as the preserve of tramps and big time bogans….could just be me though but I’ve never seen anyone swigging from a bottle of tequila on the fairway, or shotgunning a bottle of gin at the beach or winning over client confidence with a day out fishing and getting full on a slab of piss – not my clients anyway.

It’s one of the reasons the aristocracy and middle classes invented the refinement of sipping from a dedicated, personalised vessel. Something so small and discrete it could be slipped into a breast or hip pocket. It’s also one of the reasons that promotional hip flasks are such a hot promotional item! They’re un-obtrusive, restrained and refined.

Can you imagine Dr Who getting filthy-high on a bottle of 45 percent from a paper bag?