Promotional Jackets get Thumbs Up

picture of a child wearing a promotional jacketSchool Sports Carnival time again and rain called off play….for the third year running!

As a Parent, it’s frustrating – you’ve re-shuffled your day around this event, then through no fault of anyone’s, the weather system decides to serve a bucket and a half of rain. The event is cancelled and you’ve got it all to manage again next week.

For kids, it’s a great lark! Having no structured classes for the rest of the day and the chance that it’ll all play out the same next week makes for high spirits. But they’re children and unpredictability is fun, fueled by a limited understanding of consequences.

We as adults understand that structure and order are the very foundations of our society, and one way to mitigate against unpredictability is to plan for every practical eventuality. Like a wet weather Sports carnival! Failing that, weatherproof promotional jackets for children is another measure you might take.

If all the kids at my children’s school had waterproof, branded jackets, the carnival wouldn’t have been stopped, medals would’ve been won, a lesson in preparedness would be learned and I wouldn’t have to disrupt next Wednesday!

Rant over.