Promotional Jackets Signal Freedom

picture of couple wearing promotional jacketsThink as we move into summer that we’re out of the bad weather woods? Well think again because we in the deep south of Vic know a thing or two about spring, and indeed Summer. And it’s a lesson learnt from our cousins up North.

Promotional Jackets have been worn for decades but what’s now emerging are fabrics and styles suited to warmer climates and times of the year. In business or sport, there are times when you have to get out and about. The beauty of a jacket is you can whip it off at any point, removing a layer intended for warmth and waterproofing.

That may sound pretty obvious but from a comfort perspective, it sure beats wearing a vest underneath…because you’re kinda scuppered when the temp goes up – unless attending a meeting in your wife-beater is de rigueur.

The branding options are endless and designs have come a long way from the crudely printed kagools of our youth. Promo jackets are also quite fashionable, you’ll see kids and hip adults wearing them on adverts – embracing function and form. Don’t you wish they were sporting your logo or corp message for all to see?