Promotional Letter Openers – Still in Demand!

picture of promotional letter openerSo, we’ve all moved into the digital age and cast aside our olde fashioned ways using pens and paper. Mail has become so electronically refined and a well organised Inbox sorts your mail upon receipt, helps you prioritise, reminds you when to reply, archives on demand, shares in an instant, retreives photographs and stores them on your desktop etc.

No doubt about it, Email and all its supporting apps make our lives easier but could you honestly say they enrich your life?  You may be able to work smarter and from home or on holiday (guilty!) but that’s just business.

When it comes to writing to your friends and family, how effectively can you convey your feelings in black and white, and in Times New Roman?

There’s something to be said for a handwritten note containing tangible evidence of that precious commodity; time. I look back at hand written notes from my father and revel in the deliberate care and attention to detail he poured into his letters – they’re all I have left of him these days and all the more precious because of that. Lucky when I opened them that I had a promotional letter opener. After you slip the spike under the flap, you simply slide the opener along the top of the envelope which cuts it open cleanly without a jagged edge. It’s an elegant way to treat a letter.

You could even extend this care to bills and general mail.

Promotional letter openers make ideal promotional giveaways – they’re lightweight, highly brandable with a message or logo, come in a range of attractive colours and have a long desktop/shelf life.


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