Look down at your desk. Look in your bag, your pencil case, or your drawer at home. There is almost a certainly a pen bearing some form of logo or message on it within arms reach. Why is that?

The bottom line is that pens fall into the category that makes them one of the most popular and effective promotional items of all time – the category of products that we use every day. It’s hard to imagine a day that goes past that we don’t at least jot down a note using a pen. So if we use it every day, that a strong benefit.

The second reason is because of the variety – pens never get old because there are literally thousands of designs to choose from, so you can choose the one that best suits you, and hundreds of price points – from a humble plastic pen right through to a designer Parker option. 

Waterman Perspective Pens

So they’re popular, widely used, highly versatile and can be cost effective – what else is there?

Familiarity. A driving force, people naturally gravitate towards products they know and can associate with. Pens are a natural choice for generations of people who have used pens since their formative years, and as such recognize the value of a high grade promotional pen.

So, it seems like a bit of a no-brainer doesn’t it?

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products

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