Promotional Photo Frames – Clean Up

picture of a stylish promotional photo frameDoes your desk harbour a rogue collection of pens, paper, toys, foodstuffs, mugs, reminders, postcards and photographs of family/pets?

Yeah, probably. Your desk is probably much like the majority of others round the globe – a personal homage to the collective malaise of disorganisation!

Despite all our best efforts and New Year’s resolutions to keep a tidy desk, it almost always resorts to a bomb site within weeks. And it’s not your fault either, is it? If they wouldn’t keep piling work on you or pushing coffeee and biscuits down your throat, then none of this dissaray would’ve happened, would it?

OK, enough of the excuses – from where I’m sitting at Promotion Products, I can see a dozen desks littered with a hybrid of work and personal mess. We all know though that when your desk is clean, you kinda like it…and it may even enhance your performance on the job…without all the distractions. As an office manager or with staff under you, you’ll realise the importance of maintaining focus in those around you, and it isn’t going to happen with clutter and distrations sweeping across their desk, blowing from one work station to another as soon as the window is opened.
To kickstart this new regime, you may have to kickstart it yourself and lead by example!

In our Desk and Office section of the promotion Products website, we stock a massive selection of items designed to help organise offices and restore a little calm throughout the day. Take for example our range of promotional photo frames – they make excellent gifts but provide a safe haven for pictures of girlfriends, boyfriends, fiances, children, grandchildren and pets but for some bizarre reason, we don’t keep photos of our spouses in the office – now why is that?!

So, it turns out there’s no reason for keeping a desk like a pigsty, nor should images of your nearest and dearests be denigrated by being blu tacked to the side of your monitor – give them the space and prominence they deserve in a promotional photo frame!

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