Promotional Photoframe – for the Organised Desktop

a promotional photoframeAt last, a promotional product for desk and office that makes perfect sense – a promotional photoframe!

Now you can plan a business gift that not only incorporates your logo but allows the recipient to customise with their own family/pet/loved one/selfie image.

I once worked in a large open plan office in a government department with a high staff turnover. No sooner had you become mates with the person next to you than they were off to pastures new – sometimes not through choice. From that experience, I didn’t learn a great deal about those people (although I have retained a few friendships) but what fascinated me was the way in which they decorated their desks.

Personally, I like to leave no trace of my existence…when I leave for the day, you’d swear the desk had been empty for days. What images of my family I have are stored on my desktop in slideshows…and besides, I see them when I’m not….”working”. 

Which is exactly what I question when someone arrives for their first day at work and then takes 8 hours to customise their workspace emptying a box full of photos, postcards, trinkets, fluro stationery, magazines, snacks, makeup, hairloss cream – sorry, is this a place of work?!!! Not that I have a great issue with people who do this…it’s their way of bringing in a little support to help deal with workplace stress. They like familiar things to reflect upon throughout the day, perhaps reminders of why they got out of bed at 6am and won’t get back till 6pm!

Now enter a new colleague who opens their bag or briefcase, places a single photoframe on their desk, takes out a pen and notepad and logs onto their computer. I don’t automatically think  “oh, how barren and lonely that looks, she’s got no friends and is probably socially and emotionally barren”. Like a great deal of folks, I think “there’s someone who is organised, who is here to do a job and I will be able to leverage off and with” – that’s the mark of a great employee, IMHO.

By gifting a promotional photoframe, you can encourage this single minded approach to work and the work environment in either your staff or those who you work closely with in the business community. Of course it could all go horribly wrong and your savvy plan to clean up desktops and organise individuals, ends up adding to the clutter….but at least you’ll have given a thoughtful, handsome and practical corporate gift.


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