Promotional Plastic Pens for a New Generation

picture of a promotional plastic penMy daughter asked me yesterday if pens were around when I was a boy…”in the olden days”… That cracked me up – the perception of time and place, and how children have very little concept of where they are in the Universe and of what occurred before them.

“Of course we had pens” I replied then indulged on a little trip down memory lane recalling ink pots and cartridge pens and old-style bic pens stuffed in jacket pockets leaking black or blue ink. That’s a pretty prevalent recollection and not something I’ve experienced lately.

Perhaps it’s a cogualant they add to ink or manufacturers now use less brittle plastics and metals in the ball point, or perhaps that we, as a society use less pens?

The truth on the latter is that we still use pens on an everyday basis – sure, letter writing is largely email based and we “pen’ reports using our PCs/laptops/tablets/phones, but for general notetaking, diagrams and drafts – pens are still king. The finished product can always be scanned in to a PDF!

And when it comes to promotional pens, promotional plastic pens still reign supreme…they are the industry’s biggest seller, against the wave of electronic devices. The branding surface aside, it’s the sheer economy of scale with which they can be produced and distributed, that results in the ultimate versatile promotional product – and that hasn’t changed since the olden days.