Whether you’re promoting school spirit, fundraising or are marketing to your target demographic. Promotional merchandise is an effective medium to achieve your goals.

If there’s one thing a uni student loves and I mean loves its free stuff. So anything practical you can provide to college students is going to be received extremely well.

They also tend to be a younger demographic so take that into consideration when choosing products. Here are 9 great school swag ideas that are guaranteed to keep your brand top of mind.

1. Backsacks

A great low-cost giveaway backpack-style carry bag that can hold notepads and other small day-to-day items such as a drink bottle and a pencil case.

They are also great for taking to the gym and will easily fit a sports towel, drink bottle and entry lanyard. A low-cost giveaway item with a large print area.

White promotional backsack with full colour print

2. Reusable Straws

First we ditched the plastic bag and now it’s time to ditch the plastic straw.

It’s also proven that younger generations tend to prefer eco-friendly products that have a positive impact on the environment.

Getting your brand on a straw is a smart way to extend your marketing reach due to being reusable and portable.

They also have a high chance of appearing in social media posts, further spreading the reach of your marketing.

Coloured fruit jars with promotional silicone straws

3. Eco Friendly Merchandise

Eco-friendly promotional merchandise is a category that has only been increasing in popularity in recent years which is good news for everyone.

With a feel-good message and practical use, these products make for an excellent giveaway. Something all University students will like being seen with.

Bamboo cutlery set on table next to bowl of corn

4. Drink Bottles

Staying hydrated throughout the day between lectures and tutorials can be challenging.

And you don’t want to be the person that’s buying single-use plastic bottles every day. A drink bottle is a popular gift idea with long useful life and practical use.

There are many options available including a budget-friendly single wall or plastic bottles or double-wall insulated bottles that will keep your drinks hot or cool for longer.

Fitness branded custom sports bottle next to sports towel and skipping rope

5. Earbuds & Headphones

Whether you’re listening to music while you study, are taking a break by watching funny videos or doing some last-minute refreshers of the previous lecture before your exam or tutorial a pair of headphones is a must for any student.

Most options now have Bluetooth functionality which means no cables are necessary for compatible devices. Or you can stick with the good old cable, just be aware that some of the new smartphones do not have an auxiliary input.

Man smiling with promotional headphones on

6. T-Shirts and Apparel

Wearing branded Tees are a fashionable choice for any Uni students. Custom hoodies are also extremely popular.

Walking around on campus it’s not uncommon to see a huge amount of people wearing a jumper or T-shirt with the University logo to show school pride or because it’s something they’ve receive for free.

Man wearing Sols branded T shirt

7. Caps

When you’re out on the quad with the sun beating down it’s still important to stay sun safe. You don’t want to be the one that is rocking up to lectures looking like a tomato.

Not only do promo caps look smart they’ll provide great sun protection and ensure your logo is going to be seen. Whenever interacting with someone you will look at their eyes and therefore also see the logo on the cap.

Many styles, colours and decorations are available. Supasub, Supaetch and Supaflex are two new decorations that stand out.

Women at beach wearing promotional trucker cap and glasses

8. Pens

I know what you’re thinking. Pens are becoming obsolete, everyone has a laptop now. Well, I would argue that you’re perhaps misguided. There’s nothing quite like that feeling writing with a pen and pad.

And studies have actually shown that physically writing down notes increases the odds that they’re going to be remembered. So there’s a #studyhack you can use.

They also don’t need to be charged so you do not need to worry about frantically searching around for a power outlet or charging cable.

Bamboo pen on blank notebook page

9. Backpacks

Carrying around those bricks textbooks is going to get old fast if you don’t have some sort of bag or backpack to help.

Keep an eye out for backpacks with a laptop sleeve or options with enough space. In our range there options for different quality price points so you have options for a giveaway or a high value thank you gift.

For uni students backpacks and conference style satchels are usually fairly popular. Calico bags are also a great gift idea.

Woman wearing promotional backpack

Summing Up

University students are a prime recipient of promotional merchandise, they love free stuff and are appreciative of anything that’s going to help them with their life.

Making a positive impression with them can not only encourage them to buy your product or service but become life long advocates for your brand or organisation.

These are just some of the top ideas you can use to market or target college students. There are plenty of other ideas that were not included in the list such as other tech items, sticky notes etc.

Want personal suggestions or have questions? Get in touch with us today, we have a team of experts that can assist. Call us on 1300 303 717 now and we will have college students kitted out with your branded swag in no time.

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