Promotional Rulers

image of promotional rulersIt’s a great time to organise your summer promotions and plan ahead for the silly season’s opportunities. In Oz, we not only work harder and longer than much of the rest of the word (bunch of grafters), but we also like to kick back and party just as hard – finding the off switch just isn’t in our vocabulary! To compound things, late night and Sunday trading thrusts our society into a true 24/7 scenario where the “machine” never stops, always consumes, eternally demands.
So, to satisfy this continual yearning and expectation, we as business owners need to get seriously savvy and organised months in advance of trade shows, conferences, meetings, anniversary dates, internal events, holidays, birthdays and bar mizivahs!

We not only need to be clued up and firmly “in gear”, we also need to be Promotional Rulers of our own destiny. We should start to think about the myriad of touch points where our organisation brushes up against customers, both established and potential, and put thought to how we can stimulate interest, celebrate and reward at evry turn. Then, turn those opportunities into realities by choosing promotional items suited to those interactions.

Then you can kick back and relax…..after the office party…and the family BBQ …and the drinks with the neighbours.

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