Promotional T Shirts Walk Out The Door

a colourful promotional t shirtIt’s strange what people will do to themselves and their bodies. In their bid for longevity, there are folks who starve, who miss out whole food groups, who practice yoga religiously, who pamper and preen themselves in their quest to live long and prosper.

Yet, defying all that knowledge and methodology, there are those who trash their carcass with drink and drugs, poor diet and inactivity and yet broadside into the carpark of old age homes, brazenly offering a finger to the world in defiance…and then smoulder on to a ripe old age. Kinda sucks doesn’t it? That lifespan is largely written into your genes and all our well intentioned attempts to break that code fall flat.

I watched a show on TV last night where deluded experts pushed their methods and techniques trying to outbid each other with the secret of eternal life, boasting a projected innings of 125 years, they were all roughly in their 60s at that age where the optimism of your 30s, 40s and 50s are long gone and it’s crunch time….to seriously consider one’s destiny and how to get there.

The only person who made sense was a 113 year old man who was living proof of his “little but often” technique, a life of moderation in many respects but by virtue of his amazing lifespan, a life filled with many things. What impressed me about this man is that every day throughout his life, he got out of bed at a reasonable time and walked for a mile  – even at 113! He said it “got things working”…

We know exercise is good for us. We may not have longevity written into our own DNA and our diet may leave a lot to be desired but one simple thing almost all of us can do is put one foot in front of the other for half an hour each day. Walking helps regulate our diet, inners and sleep. Our age-defying supercentenarian did this every morning – routines were important to him, not obsessively but necessary to his psychological and physical wellbeing.

If not for yourself, why not encourage others to take a step in the right direction and start walking – spring is a great time to be out and about, taking to the parks, forests and beaches before the rest of the community wakes up and spoils the serenity!

And a great way to inspire that new found activity is to start a walking group at work or a local interest group in your community. To help form and galvanise that team spirit, promotional T shirts are an ideal promotional tool to wear throughout your activity, available in all sizes…for all ages….

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