Promotional T Shirts – Wear it on Your Chest

promot t shirt photographOne media presenter I admire is Todd Sampson, he’s the guy who appears on The Gruen Factor in his capacity as an advertising and marketing guru wearing a different T shirt each time. Recently, he presented a series exploring and pushing the human body and mind to our limits. It made for fascinating watching, not just to see this guy push himself past the point of no return like scaling a mountain blindfold, but counting his never ending supply of t shirts was a great sideshow in itself…

I have many t shirts but since the dawn of my life, haven’t gravitated towards any sporting a logo, motif or graphic – I don’t feel anyone else’s message is as important as mine and that’s just my personal opinion.

Plenty of folk though love wearing t shirts with messages, as long as they resonate at some level. And what are the types of printed t shirts that sell best with great adoption rates?

Anything that makes people feel good about themselves “I’m a f@&wit!” wouldn’t do as well as, say “I’m a Rockstar!”. That’s pretty obvious really but you get the jist….anything suggesting exclusivity always works. A bookshop recently printed a batch of Promotional T Shirts for a giveaway with the byline “Join the Club…”. I think Groucho Marx would’ve liked that, and Todd Sampson.

If you nail that simple aspect of T Shirt design, the rest will follow.