Promotional Tools as a Corporate Gift

image of a multi-use promotional toolThere’s a fascination in all of us to tinker and play with all our “toys”. As a boy, I was responsible for taking electrical equipment apart and leaving a wake of broken radios, lamps, cassette decks, turntables, computers and TVs – it was a delightful hobby for me but painful for my family – especially when the “on” button no longer worked!

I digress but the fun of disassembly has matured to a culture of “fixing” items that no longer function as intended. To do this, I need a collection of spanners, screwdrivers, meters, pliers etc.

But what if you’re not a budding handiman or into electronic carnage? Well, we’re surrounded by gadgets everyday – take a childrens’ toys for example….just about every flamin’ piece of noisy, plastic junk requires batteries, and more often than not, you need a miniature screwdriver to open the battery hatch. Promotional tools as a corporate gift are the way ahead. As a means of helping someone in need, little short of turning up at their door and fixing all their broken devices, giving them the means to do so themselves is a fairly nifty way of being part of the solution.

These days, promotional tools are not only ostensibly useful and provide a function in any home or office, but they also feature branding and printing space to advertise your company. The short of it is this: if you provide an object of benefit that makes someone’s life a little easier, the product enjoys a long shelf life, repeated use and exposure to your brand.


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