Promotional Water Pouches – a New Invention?

picture or a few colourful promotional water pouchesSometimes I sit at my desk and pluck a promotional product off the shelf to write about. I sit, staring at it’s form, acknowledging it’s function and the value it adds to our lives, from a practical viewpoint and as a marketing aid. Sometimes it takes a few cups of coffee to kick-start the cerebral cortex into bitch-slapping my hippocampus and forming a cohesive argument as to why a promotional mug makes perfect sense for B2B or B2C.

What my inner seahorse has to do with that thought process is beyond me… Befuddled by dehydration and exposure to the sun this morning,  I usually allow a good 30 mins and two flat whites before starting to type but today, my fingers hit the keyboard instantly.

Infront of me are samples of promotional water pouches….and my instant reaction was “What an innovation”! “Why haven’t they made these before?” “I knew Doug was slacking off at the last trade fair, we should’ve had these months ago!”. But on reflection, water pouches have been with us for millennia….anyone seen Lawrence of Arabia? The dude arrives in the middle of a dry sweat-bath in stinking 50C heat tippling from his standard army issue canteen flask. “France this for a game of soldiers” he says then goes all native dressed in a white sheet (when all Aussies know that a black tshirt and bleached jeans are time honoured in beating the feral summer heat in QLD) and rides off into the sunset holding Omar Sharif’s hand and swigging from a promotional water pouch with the other…

I was young when I watched it, and a little worse for wear but that’s my memory of that yawn inducing epic movie. 

What I was getting at is the Bedouin tribesmen’s reliance on water pouches for thousands of years; take an animal skin, clean it thoroughly, fill it with water, let your little brother drink from it first and if he doesn’t keel over, it’s fairly safe to say you can fill it with tasty Camel urine for your next venture into the desert.

Thankfully I couldn’t find a camel to top up my super flexible drinking pouch. Any other urine might pass muster but NOT camel – those beasts save their stinky elixir for weeks and it’s honey-like in texture…

Water from the tap had to do but the most exciting aspect of drinking from one of these water pouches is that after you finish, you roll it up and pop it in your pocket! They’re completely reusable and have a great space for printing – a perfect marketing tool with instant street, or desert appeal.  

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