Re-Write History with Promotional Erasers

Look, it’s a strange little quirk of life that language changes year in year, year out.

Words and expressions my children use would baffle my grandparents, like “my bad” and “what if”, or “”chillax dad” and “you’re so gay”…

Similarly, we’re seeing a general contraction of our vocabulary, and words used in the past cease to exist or change beyond all sense.

One of my all time favourites is “cut the mustard”, I’m sorry? What did you just say?!!! Surely that must be “cut muster” as in turning out and passing a military parade inspection?!

Another cringeworthy effort is “I’m on tenderhooks”……makes no sense to me, the word in question is tenter from the Latin “tente” meaning to stretch. What do you think a “tent” is? Or the French “Tonneau” cover? – same derivative.

So, it comes as no surprise that the term Promotional Rubbers is now imbued with “wrongness” and raises a high “what the?!”. Let’s embrace change then and go for Promotional Erasers.

The old favourite is a natural accompaniment to Promotional Pencils and even in this age of change and modernisation of language and our Tech Revolution, there are still
things we cling to. When the power goes out, a pencil will still work. And whan a pen gums up in the heat, a pencil still draws a fine straight line, until one makes a mistake, then a promotional eraser will do nicely.

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