One of the fastest growing and effective promotional ranges available on the market today are sports balls. So how can you ensure that you use these fantastic, Aussie-culture-ingrained products to get the most bang for your promotional buck?

We can offer these balls as a total custom job – you can literally design them from scratch! Available in a range of qualities and prices, this is one of those products that we offer as a collaborative effort with you – you come up with what you like, and we can make it happen.

This means that the person who knows your brand best (you) has maximum input, and we blend that with our product knowledge and expertise (as well as great pricing) to bring a product to life that you can not only be proud of and take ownership of, but also reaches your target audience perfectly.

We do have a standard range available if you need some inspiration!

Australians love sport, and we do too – now you can make that work for your brand!

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products

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