Custom T Shirts for the Fashionista

image of a custom t shirtIt’s a dilemma of mine before every social engagement as to what cloth I’ll drape over my tired and sagging frame…Gees, that sounds awful!!! The level of self disrespect for my carcass which has transported me through almost half a century of fun and frivolity….

But you know the scenario when standing confused, disinterested and dissolusioned infront of your wardrobe, scratching your head over what on earth you can wear to compliment those awful tartan pants and white patent leather shoes…..but let’s face it folks, there ain’t many a shirt that would make a silk purse out of that mismatch outfit…until you uncover the saviour of many a dysfunctional dresser – the custom T shirt!

I own many T shirts but I’m select about which brands, logos and messages I display on my chest and back. They have to resonate with me and my mood (or many moods according to my wife).

Because the only design limit is your imagination, the permutations are practically endless.

How well do you know your targets? How can you tap into that culture and send a message that really sticks? What are the triggers that are meaningful, that unify, that galvanise?

In may case, I chose from my vast repertoire of custom t shirts, a fancy little red number with a formal collar and “Golf Pro” by Titleist” – just what was needed for a fancy dress party!

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