The dos and don’ts of Promotional Sunglasses

picture of promotional sunglassesThe quality of vision is ridiculously important to me. I’ve been blighted with short sightedness, cataracts well before my time, vitreous detachment and other crappy opthalmic conditions, and sat in the surgeon’s chair a fair few times. So, when it comes to the health of your eyes and the quality of eyesight, I’m now something of an expert!

To sit and wax lyrical on the dos and don’ts of promotional sunglasses is therefore a fairly easy job for me. But in this industry and for you as prospective buyers for your clients/customers/team mates it’s all about the look. Do they look like “real” sunglasses? How much branding space is there?

As a recipient of promotional sunglasses though, you’re only going to wear them in public if they help make you look good – thankfully our range has something for every taste and fashion. Chances are, as a freebie, you’re more likely to wear them in private while playing sport, at the beach, gardening, in the car etc. And in this case they have to be pretty good, not only providing clear, filtered light but in protecting your precious eyes. Take our Retro Sunglasses, they’re UV400 rated – need any more assurance than that?

On a trip to the beach this weekend, I wore a pair of Sports Sunglasses and took the following photograph through their lens using my iPhone (incidentally, we’ll send you a free pair if you can guess the beach!). My vision was that clear and colours that rich.

photograph of beach taken through the lens of promotional sunglasses

So, how can you elevate ordinary promotional sunglasses to the heady heights of designer chic and increase the chances of them being worn in public? How cool is your logo? Seriously, if there’s an easy way to start a fashion, it’s to create your own designer sunglasses brand! 

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