I heard it summed up best once like this: A brand is the way your customer perceives you.

And it is true, when we think about a company, we think of the brand itself, whether that’s through the logo or the feeling we as a customer have towards that organisation. So it is of vital importance that you get your organisational branding correct, and make it work for you rather than against you!

But critically, brands don’t have to be all about your product! Take a look at this combination from BUPA recently – as a health fund, this is not the thing most people would have associated them with, but it removes the perception that they are just a company there to provide insurance (even though they really are). And it’s that perception that makes people think of their brand with a warm familiarity, rather than associating them with an aloof, hierarchical entity that is there to produce a profitable return to investors and board members.

By associating your brand with something well enough, that something becomes part of your brand. This is a unique position in the promotional industry as you have the opportunity to use our market and product expertise to truly reflect your brand message and most importantly, actually have the chance to directly choose how your brand will be perceived.

Which is a marketers dream, no?

Nicholas Letts
Promotion Products – Marketing Manager

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