The Ultimate Luxury – Custom Water!

picture of custom water bottlesSound ridiculous? Of course it is to you and me either at home or at work, but for those running or attending an event whether it’s a conference, sports’ meet, AGM, trade show or fun run, having the ability to advertise directly in the hand of your targets, is incredibly powerful. And you can do this with Custom Water!The water in our products comes from clean, local, filtrated sources and its’ taste and quality is indistinguishable from some of the large supermarkets’ own brands (hint hint!).

What makes custom water stand apart from it’s supermarket shelf siblings is a massive branding space you can own. For example, unfold the paper sleeve on a standard 1.25L bottle of soft drink, and it stretches out to 280x85mm – even on the size of vessel we sell, that’s a colossal print area on a low cost promotional item! Which would you offer to attendees? Coles’ bottled water or your own, branded custom water version? Exactly…

Not only could you market your product per se, but you could tie in your involvement with the event. You might run a treasure-hunt competition, create a crossword, supply important background info on your event, go for a hard sell on your products or service….the list is endless.

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