Time to roll out the Brandy and Promotional Beanies

picture of a hi viz promotional beanieIt’s that time of year again – love it or hate it when the sun says“hasta la vista” and disappears on it’s hols to the Northern hemisphere. Let’s face it though, we in Australia had a pretty good run of late; the Spring, Summer and Autumn were good to us and now we have no choice but to buckle down to cooler months…and new branding opportunities!

Welcome back Promotional Beanies! We missed you throughout the year though there were some hipsters who tried to wear you in summer – they got heatstroke.

temperature in melbourneGiven that we lose the majority of our heat through our heads (large exposed surface area), having a garment which protects against the elements and retains warmth should be high on anyone’s list.

New items on our books are Promotional Hi-Viz Beanies – an excellent variant on the promotional theme where Builders, Council Workers, Dock Workers, Climbers, Road Runners – anyone working or playing outdoors where high visibility is essential now have a completely sensible piece of headwear. And the branding capability? Right across the front of the forehead, above the eyes – you don’t get real estate space more prominent than that. It needn’t be seen as a shameless plug for your business, sometimes it’s important to communicate who you are and what you’re up to – take a building site for instance – identifying steel workers from concreters from chippies and electricians – there’s a fluro colour to distinguish each from the other – at a glance you can tell who’s on your site and what they’re doing.  

Now you can appreciate the what and where of Promotional Beanies – the how long is…well, right into spring! Early mornings and late afternoon’s/evenings in Victoria and Tasmania can be chilly – any issue of a beanie will be warmly received.

I read an interesting fact the other day – that although the 21st of June is the Winter solstice where “theoretically” the days get longer and hence shorter, the temperatures don’t actually increase till the 17th of August. Statistics bear this out – it takes that long till the land and sea start to gradually warm up again. 

If we’re contemplating beanies now on June 2nd…. that gives us a season of 144 promotional beanie wearing days! So, what’re you going to do about it?!


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