Trilby Hats Bridging the Promotional Headwear Generations

picture of promotional headwear with embroidered logoFather’s day was bittersweet round my house yesterday. Having lost my own father last year, I faced a day without contemplating my own loss, assuming that it was just me, the lone Dad in our nuclear family.

I didn’t have to buy a card, gift or make a phone call, and that was great, huh? Well, not really.

I found large swathes of the day were devoted in my mind to Dad, imagining he’d love the cooked breakfast served by my beaming children, he’d also think a walk along the beach with the kids milling around collecting shells was a perfect afternoon, more so the coffee and biscuits from the Esky. He’d have enthused over the home cooked meal and the show put on by the children in the rumpus room. Yes, Dad would’ve had a great day enjoying all the memorable events.

Yet, somewhere during the day I realised that it was I who loved the breakfast, the walk, the meal, the show…just as much as my father would’ve. It was him and me, together – basking in the bossom of my family.

And that was father’s day.

Today being Monday, is a new day with fresh challenges, all of which I’ll face with renewed vigour after my relaxing day yesterday.

One such task is to write about promotional headwear which is, strangely, one of my favourite topics. Not because it’s bread and butter material or quite straightforward (S, M, L & XL) but because hats are one of the most underrated garments we posess or should own.

Throughout the seasons, our need to cover our heads (or “pate” as my Dad would say) varies from keeping warm to dry to cool to shaded. If you live in Melbourne, those needs converge on any given day of the year but in the rest of the country, there is clear deliniation between them. Aside from the practicalities, we’re seeing a massive shift in promotional hats away from straw boaters with banner advertising above the rim – the 80’s and 90’s were great in many respects but hat design and fashion kind of stalled!
No, whether seeded by MTV or Netflix, hats of all descriptions are back in favour.

Promotional hats now come in a massive range of styles suiting anyone from young to old, rich to poor, perfunctionary to chic, there’s even wide-brim hats in the style of a Trilby….which my dad and I would pick.