USB Phone Charger Kit and Caboodle

image of a usb powered phone charger kitSo, your mobile phone is flat again? And you also forgot to charge your Powerbank? And don’t tell me, your charging adaptor is at home and none of your swanky colleagues has an “old, retro” plug for an iPhone 4s? Think you’re alone in this quandry? Not on your Nellie!

Not that my Aunty Nellie knew what a mobile phone was, she was relieved of that earthly encumbrance at a time when phones had a “ring” and people were polite to each other.

Nowadays, swayed and influenced by American soaps, I came across a Gen Y who ended her phone conversation with “…OK” like they do in US based TV shows. No “OK, well nice speaking with you” or “Take care, I’ll speak with you soon”or “Thankyou for your help”. What a way to communicate, it almost puts you off using a phone?!

But for those of us who rely on these devices, and MP3 players and tablets, it’s damned infuriating when their batteries run flat  – suddenly you realise that if only you truncated your calls with “OK” instead of the long winded wrap ups we regularly employ, you might have saved enough battery to call an Uber to take you home!

And you won’t be alone in this…plenty of your customers, clients and staff will have been caught out too. Time to step in and rescue them!

Introducing a great promotional product, the USB Phone Charger Kit. You can slap your logo onto these nifty little packs to remind folks of your consideration, just remember to stash a few round your office, car and home for good measure.

We can learn a lot from our children but the buck has to stop somewhere!

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