At last – Van Heusen Corporate Shirts!

picture of an embroidered van heusen shirtThere’s nothing sauver or more statesmanlike than finely made and fitted clothes. They transform our Neanderthal native state into refined modernity (suggest adding a haircut, shave, manicure and oral hygiene into the mix).
It’s not just a case of convincing the inner man or woman of their worth, but refinement promotes confidence in those around you – in the world of business, that’s half the battle! Promotional Clothing now comes to the rescue with Van Heusen corporate shirts branded with your logo or insignia.

At last, you can combine branding with your favourite high street garments.
It’s like taking a nice German car and subtly re-badging it – cheeky but very effective.

It’s largely about looking good and let’s not underestimate the power of sharp dressing…the authority associated with tailored uniforms is hard wired into our consciousness from childhood; from teachers and doctors through to bank managers and lawyers. Our Van Heusen corporate shirts emanate the same cues from the moment they are worn…add a sculpted, embroidered logo and your brand is imbued with instant corporate respect.

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