Pokemon GO is possibly THE viral game of 2016. It ticked all the boxes – it was a game that tapped into a wide-user base who were already involved in the story, it was a quick and easy app to use (despite a few teething problems) and really made people step outside (sometimes literally) of their comfort zone.

But recently this paragon of the mobile gaming world has started to decline, as written about in this piece from Mumbrella. So how can we tie in the lessons we learn here to the promotional marketing industry?

There are three key points to take away from this article:

  1. Strike while the iron is hot: It doesn’t matter if its a conference, a trade show or an event, if people are there for you then this is the perfect time to really reinforce your brand, regardless of the industry.
  2. Use your knowledge of your customer base: Pokemon GO was such a success in part due to its legion of followers who were passionate about the story. Use this to your advantage – if your brand is targeted at a certain demographic, use that knowledge to market to them. In this case, selecting the right product to market ith is absolutely crucial.
  3. Use your feedback: By removing the features that players loved, Pokemon GO suffered a serious fall and took too long responding to feedback from its users. So listen to what your audience has to say – if they like a certain product, then there’s a reason for that! But alternatively, if they don’t like one, try something new – we can help with that!

Nicholas Letts
Marketing Manager – Promotion Products

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