When the going gets tough – Express Product it!

It’s an awful feeling being perennially late. It’s something I dread in my personal and professional life – that desperate clawing at time in the vain hope you’ll halt it’s pace…

Have I been successful in altering the time-space continuum? Of course not! It’s a fruitless endeavour and playing that game only serves to create more stress (on top of the usual buzz needed to function in life).
How often though do you find yourself in that situation? Being late for a meeting, late for a deadline, late with an order? Constantly battling time.

The thing is, it’s avoidable by careful, strategic planning. But hey! Who am I to talk?!!

OK, let’s level and admit we all fall behind at some time of another. It’s almost a natural state of being and we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t strive to achieve more with less – it has to happen in business every day or we’d regress and defeat its purpose.

A common request we receive in our office is “I need these really quickly, like yesterday!”.

Well, that’s playing with the time-space contunuum again and it’s NOT going to happen! What we have created though is a line of promotional products we can print and despatch in double-quick time – we call them, handily, Express Products. Take a look at the range and bear them in mind when you next experience that dry-mouth panic, realising you’re late in ordering your promotional items!

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