James Harvest Clothing Supplier

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James Harvest clothing is a favourite of ours.  Promotion Products sells many brands of promotional clothing – each has it’s place in the market.  James Harvest is our premium corporate clothing range, quite simply it has a quality that is unsurpassed.

Apart from the beyond retail great quality of the James Harvest range Promotion Products actively promote and sell these garments for the following reasons:-

Simplicity of design – James Harvest concentrates on making leading corporate clothing well.  No fancy designs – classic designs using premium materials that make your staff look and feel great.

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Fantastic colours – nothing garish or
over-the-top here. 

The Philosophy that James Harvest and Promotion Products share is that a promotional garment should primarily be a vehicle for positive brand reinforcement.

Garment colours compliment your brand.


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Great stock levels and service – rarely will any garment be unstocked – Promotion Products can embroider any James Harvest polo shirt with your logo and have it to you in 10 days!

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In Summary 
James Harvest is the best value range of clothing Promotion Products Sell.  A James Harvest shirt will cost 50% more than most other embroidered shirts.  It is amazing value because staff will continually wear it as it feels so good and makes them look professional.  Clients will notice your branding because the colours and design simplicity compliment your branding.  Lastly, these shirts last for years.  Someone once said ‘quality is not expensive, it’s priceless’, they were wearing a James Harvest shirt at the time.

We can’t say anymore about James Harvest promotional clothing.

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The Promotion Products Team