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Promotional Bags - Custom Printed Australia

Get the right promotional bags at the right prices and carry your brand into your target audience's everyday life. Bags are popular gifts for Australian organisations and a cost-effective way to boost brand recognition.

Promotional bags, also called logo bags or custom bags, have a long history. They started as basic totes with a company logo printed on them. Now there are lots of styles, including eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester, jute and organic cotton.

Various types of bags can effectively spread your brand's message and help you stay memorable. Including printed tote bags, cooler bags, jute bags, calico bags, and branded duffle bags with the range of styles always growing.

Bags are a great promotional item because they have a large decoration area, are practical, get frequently reused (and seen), can be made from eco-friendly materials and are available in many colours and styles.

At Promotion Products, we have years of experience in printing bags. We can offer customised solutions for brands with limited budgets or companies launching nationwide campaigns. Our value guarantee means that if we can't provide you the best value price we'll donate to a charity of your choice.

Who uses Branded Bags?

Just about any organisation and industry can use promotional bags to offer utility and visibility, effectively enhancing brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Brands will typically gift people bags for free who then use them for shopping, carrying things, and travelling. Other uses of promotional bags include:

  • Paper bags or tote bags printed with a company logo for conferences, trade shows and events
  • Backpacks as a gift for staff, onboarding packs and for gyms/students
  • Jute bags or calico bags for environmentally conscious advertising campaigns
  • Cooler bags as a gift or giveaway for carrying lunches, picnics and social events
  • Travel bags as a gift or for employees who frequently travel for business
  • Laptop bags for students and office workers
  • Drawstring bags for gift packaging, carrying books or fitness activities

Bags are often a staple in any merchandise range, along with items like branded pens or promotional drink bottles.

Industries like education and government frequently use bags in campaigns because of their large print area, utility and low price. Such as disaster readiness kits, O-week giveaways and a convenient way to consolidate printed informational material at conferences and events.

Logo Bags For Responsible Marketing

Banning plastic bags in Australia has led to an increased demand for reusable bags. Seeing a logo on a bag each week during the grocery shopping trip creates more logo impressions and boosts the bag's return on investment.

Eco-friendly materials like Jute shopping bags, calico/cotton bags and juco (a blend of jute and calico) are also becoming more available at affordable prices making it easier to have an eco-friendly promotion.

Many products also have certifications for brands concerned with ESG and sourcing such as our very own Up Bags which are made ethically from organic cotton. Just look for the compliance certifications on the product page or ask one of our team for compliance documentation.

Custom Printed Bag Value

At Promotion Products, we only offer quality bags that have high standards of print quality. All at the lowest price with a focus on customer service, we're here to make you look good and your marketing a success.

Quality Advertising Bags

Our products are sourced from only quality factories and printed to high standards, positively reflecting your brand. Better quality bags last longer and are received more positively. You can also request an unbranded sample of any of our bags before you go on to make a bulk purchase.

Buy in bulk value prices

We are always checking that our prices are the lowest in Australia. If you see a similar bag at a lower cost we want to know about it. We will endeavour to better any competitor's quote. Furthermore, you will notice that these bags include print and free setup.

Customer Service

From sending your first email or calling us we aim to make the process of decorating bags with your logo as smooth as possible. After placing an enquiry, you get a personal account manager who will work with you the whole time. 

Buy Wholesale Promotional Bags Today

With thousands of options available, it's easy to find the right bag at wholesale prices to promote your brand. Browse the range and filter for any logo colour, style and budget.  Most of our bags are printed in Australia but we also offer factory-direct options for large orders and big savings.

Then request a quote or place a direct order to get printed logo bags in your hands as soon as possible.

For questions or recommendations from a promotional bag expert call and speak to a real person now at 1300 303 717.