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Jute Shopping Bags

One of the most popular and Eco-friendly bag options around.  Jute bags are a fabulous way to help the planet and increase your brand recognition, all of the bags here can be printed with your logo.

Promotional Jute Bags & Hessian Shopping Bags

Promotional Jute Bags and Hessian Bags have easily been one of the years best sellers. Most consumers are aware of the environmental issues surrounding plastic bags - jute being a natural material conveys a stronger environmental message that more processed fabrics such as calico or non-woven polypropylene.  Our range includes a jute shopping bags wholesale - many of which are stocked here in Australia.  All are available and waiting to be printed with your company logo!

Ethically Sourced Bags

These bags are ethically sourced from a factory that has high social, economic and environmental standards. These standards encourage continuous improvement in their dealings with farmers and ensure ethical treatment of the local communities.

We look forward to helping with your purchase of Jute Shopping Bags - The Promotion Products Team

Wholesale Jute Shopping Bags

Unfortunately not all 'Eco' bags are the same. Some suppliers market tote bags (made from petrochemicals) that they air freight in from Asia as a 'green' or an 'enviro' bag. We believe that buyers of Wholesale Shopping Bags should be aware of some simple questions to ask a supplier:

Are these bags ethically manufactured?, are they made from sustainable materials?, are they made recycled material?, are these bags air-freighted to Australia or do they come by sea?, are these bags made from plastics? are these plastics recycled? Please, please, please ask our Sales Manager (Doug) these question - we will guide you through the minefield - some of our bags are greener than others - you are the customer so you need to be the change that you want to see in the world - ask the questions and make informed choices!

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