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School Bags

The perfect partner to staying organised and carrying all of the essentials for school.  What bag from our selection best fits your school?


School Bags, Backpacks...and more!

We offer a great quality range of Promotional items suitable for use in schools - from bags to school merchandise products: (see above images) we can help with the lot. When you click on our products you will see prices that include decoration of your school logo and the actual product!

Why brand school products like bags?

Over the last few years we have experienced a big increase in interest in branding our products for schools. Many P and C committees and principals want to increase awareness of the school in the community and create a feeling of school unity. Branding the school crest or logo and buying in bulk offers an easy commons sense way to partially fill those goals.

Our experienced team is ready to help with your enquiry for school bags - please call 1300 303 717 at anytime - The Promotion Products Team

School Promotional Items

If you would like more information about how to use school promotional items please contact us - there are many ways that our items can help increase awareness of the school in the community and create a feeling of school identity and unity. Here are some quick product ideas that we have sold to many schools in the past:

School Bucket Hats ~ Promotional Water Bottles ~ Promotional Sunscreen ~ Kids printed Tee Shirt ~ Promotional Pencils ~ Promotional Rulers ~ Branded Flash Drives ~ Embroidered Polo Shirts ~ Graduation Gifts ~ Pencil Cases ~ Promotional Erasers

We look forward to helping your school however we can - The Promotion Products Team