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Eco Friendly Drink Bottles

Promotional Eco friendly drink bottles are an effective way to increase your branding impression and put your organisation in a positive light.  All of the bottles you see here have an Eco friendly benefit and are great for the planet.

Branded Eco Friendly Plastic Water Bottles - Delivery Australia wide

Eco Friendly Promotional Products are an effective way to market your brand and are quickly becoming the new trend in the promo space.  Eco Friendly Drink bottles and re-usable shopping bags are some of the most popular products that savy marketers in Australia are using to promote their logo and tell an environmentally friendly story.

Using a re-usable drink bottle instead of single use PET alternatives already has a positive impact for the environment.  According to a Forbes article in 2017 we are now at a million plastic bottles per minute - 91% of which are not recycled.  If that doesn't immediately ring alarm bells something is definitely wrong.  Fortunately we can all make small changes that over a large group adds up to a big impact.  Encouraging your clients and customers to use Eco bottles not only helps to reduce the amount of plastic used it also provides a prime opportunity to get your logo remembered and recognised.

With all of these benefits it's not surprising that Australian's are starting to choose these options more and more frequently - so why not use branded eco bottles for your next promotional campaign?  If you would like any more information or want to talk with one of our knowledgeable team members about what would best suit your organisation call us on 1300 303 717 or contact us via email at sales@promotionproducts.com.au

What makes a Drink Bottle Eco Friendly?

  • They're made with a carbon neutral or low-carbon footprint
  • The bottle promotes an Eco message
  • All or some of the bottle is made from recycled materials
  • Made from an Eco friendly material
  • The bottle can be recycled