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Sunsafe Hats

Australians love the sun and working or playing in the outdoors.  Unfortunately too much sun can be damaging to the skin.  That's why you should promote sun safety and your brand with some of these protective hats!

Promotional Sun Safe Hats – Wide brim hats with your logo

Sun safety is and will always be extremely important for all Australians.  We love being outside and in the sun, so it’s important that we take precautions to protect ourselves.  Sun safe hats are a must have for kids and adults who are frequently outside and in the sun.  These are perfectly paired with promotional sunscreen, sunglasses and long sleeve clothing.

A promotional Sun Safe Hat is a hat that provides excellent sun protection and defence for the skin and eyes from ultraviolet (UV) damage.  They usually have a wide brim and provide protection to the face, ears, eyes and back of the neck.  All promotional sun hats are decorated with usually a print or embroidery of your logo or branding message.

The most common styles of hats you will find in this category are usually Broad-brimmed hats, Bucket hats or Legionnaire Hats.  All of which are fantastic choices of your ordinary cap that will provide exceptional sun protection.  Sun safety will always be a big problem in Australia and fortunately with these protective measures we can enjoy being in the outdoors and stay safe.  For more information about sun safety or preventive measures you can have a look at SunSmart’s guidelines for hats.



What styles of Sun Safe hats are there?

The most common 3 styles of sun safe hats we have in our range are: Bucket hats, legionnaire hats and traditional wide brim hats.  All are excellent choices for sun protection.

Why should you choose Promotional Sun Safe Hats for your promotion?

Sun safety is extremely underrated by many.  Promoting your logo with a sun safe hat shows your clients and target demographic that you care about the health of Australian’s and are wanting to do the right thing with sun protection.  They’re especially important for people who frequent the beach or are regularly outside.

How long does a Promotional Sun Safe hat take to produce?

As a standard rule most of our hats in this gallery take between 7 – 14 days to be produced, however you will find more detailed information on each product page.  You can also call or contact us for a more accurate timeline or if you have a deadline see what we can arrange!

What are the best Sun Safe hats to use for my promotion?

The best choice will depend on your circumstances.  For example, if you’re target demographic needs to move quickly and be active a legionnaire style might be the best choice or perhaps the bucket hat or broad brim hate are better suited, if that’s a look they will prefer.

What decoration methods can be used on Sun safe hats?

Most sun hats are usually decorated with either a print or embroidery of your logo or branding message.  If you want a stunning full colour decoration, keep an eye out for maxi-Colour printing on product pages on some hats.