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Corporate Clothing

We know how important it is to have corporate apparel that's smart, presentable and is comfortable to wear.  That's why we offer total uniform solutions that will make you and your staff smile! Don't miss out on these brilliant options.


Work Uniforms, Corporate Workwear and Apparel - With your company logo

Find above our selection of corporate clothing and uniforms suited for a professional environment all of which can be decorated with your logo.  Finding the perfect uniform and apparel for your company has never been easier with our extensive buying guide designed to give you confidence in the process and provide you with a step by step reference to help make buying a breeze.

Here's a quick checklist of questions to ask yourself while browsing: 1. What do you want out of the uniforms? 2. Do you have an existing style that needs to be matched? 3. What materials do my staff prefer to wear? 4. What style do I like best? 5. What colour best fits my needs? 6. What sizes and decoration do I want? 7. Where is the best spot to have my logo displayed?

We at Promotion Products provide you with work uniform and corporate clothing online solutions and have years and years of experience in the promotional apparel industry.  If you have any questions or are interested in some assistance in finding the right choice for you, feel free to contact us on 1300 303 717, via Live Chat or at sales@promotionproducts.com.au 



Why wear corporate clothing?

Clothing is a way to market yourself and your workplace.  Having smart, well presented uniforms and clothing instils trust in your clients, puts your staff in a professional mindset and provides a team orientated mindset.  If you want to bring your organisation to the next level, corporate clothing is a huge benefit.

What is corporate clothing?

To put it simply, corporate clothing is apparel that is worn in a professional or corporate environment.  The level of formality will vary between industries and organisations but as a general rule of thumb will including clothing items such as: Suits, Business Shirts, Blouses, Skirts, Chinos, Slacks, Dresses etc.

How long does this apparel take to have my logo branded?

Most of the apparel you see here can be done in around 2 weeks after artwork approval.  More information is located on individual product pages.  Or you can call us and let us know when your deadline is and we will suggest possible solutions!

How can my logo be decorated on these uniforms?

On most of our corporate pieces you can either get a logo embroidery or a print decoration of your logo.  We may also have more options available if you are interested, just ask us what you're after and we will bend over backwards to help you!