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Health and Beauty

See below our most popular Healthy and Beauty uniforms perfect for Spas, Salons, Healthcare and much more!  All decorated with your business logo for a smart, professional look that your staff and clients will love.

Spa, Beauty, Salon Uniforms and Tunics - Featuring your logo

Finding the right uniform for your clinic or organisation can really make a huge difference in your customer satisfaction and staff professionalism.  We offer a great range of apparel options and provide you with solutions for Spa uniforms, medical scrubs, healthcare uniforms, beauty uniforms and tunics, salon uniforms, massage uniforms and more!  Made with high quality materials and tested designs,

All of the clothing items you see on our website can be decorated with your company logo; providing you with a marketing medium, a professional look and a unique style that will set you apart from the competition.  We have hand selected options we know work and have been popular in the industry.  The most common decoration on this apparel is usually an embroidery or screen print, both are great for a variety of reasons.  Which decoration do you think will look better for your uniforms?

If you have any questions or are interested in some assistance in finding the right choice for you, feel free to contact us on 1300 303 717, via Live Chat or at sales@promotionproducts.com.au and one of our experienced team members can provide you with easy solutions that make the choice simple.



What type of organisations are these uniforms applicable to?

These uniforms are suitable for nearly any organisation in the health and beauty industry.  Including: Beautician, Salons, Hairdressers, Beauty Therapists, Massage Therapists, Nurses etc.

Why use a uniform for my company?

A work uniform is more than just another piece of apparel, it’s a first impression, a visual representation of your company, a walking advertisement, it broadcasts professionalism to your clients and it instils a sense of equality and identity within your staff.  A must have in any health and beauty industry.

How long does this apparel take to have my logo branded?

Most of the apparel you see here can be done in around 2 weeks after artwork approval.  More information is located on individual product pages.  Or you can call us and let us know when your deadline is and we will suggest possible solutions!

How can my logo be decorated on these uniforms?

On most of the health and apparel pieces you can either get a logo embroidery or a print decoration of your logo.  We may also have more options available if you are interested, just ask us what you're after and we will bend over backwards to help you!