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School & Kindy

Senior leaver jerseys, school uniform shirts or kindy hats you will love our range!  Everything you see here can be custom decorated with your school or company logo. 


School Shirts and Kindy Hats with logos and more!

We are a supplier to Schools and Kindy's all over Australia of quality logo branded clothing and headwear.  These clothing items and hats are all made to a high standard but are alos offered a greta valuel, low price point!

School Shirts for primary and secondary students, polo shirts, seniors shirts and jerseys, t shirts, sportswear such as tracksuits, shorts and cricket gear and also hats and caps.

All of these garments that we supply include your logo embroider or other decoration such as a screenprint.  When you look at each product it will say what sort of decoration is included in the price.

Our logo embroidery is a double industry standard 10 000 stitch embroider.  This allows your branding to be reproduced without compromise.  Call us on 1300 303 for more information!

School Senior, Leaver and Graduation Shirts

We can make shirts in any colour you like and with any sort of print that you want.  This caters for your all your needs for senior, graduation and leaving shirts.  For these dye sublimation shirts please allow 3-4 weeks for production as they are specialised garments.

We look forward to assisting you further.
The Promotion Products Team