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Conference Pads

A staple for any good conference is some branded notepads and notebooks!  We make your life easy and show you the best choices available so you can make a fantastic impression.

Promotional Conference Pads

Conferences can be incredibly infomrative and detail oriented - and odds are you will be asked to write a report on it back in the office! So whether you;re actually holding a conference or a participan in one, A quality conference pad is going to stand you in good stead both at the conference and in the workplace, while highlighting your brand on a high-grade item that is delivered to your door.

Great value

We are always monitoring the costs of our supplies and our competitors - if you see a similar looking item and the cost is less please consider that we use premium products and we have great customer service with fast deliveries. Call us at anytime - we look forward to assisting further with your Promotional Merchandise order - The Promotion Products Team

Do you need assistance to find the Promotional Pens or Conference Pen that best suits you? Call us on 1300 303 717 for advice and service.

Branded Pens - Promotional Evergreens

There are some Promotional Item types that just keep on working for clients. As an innovative supplier we are constantly sourcing new product ideas for fresh promotions, however we know that a lot of the time a tried and tested Promotional Product Evergreen will work just as well, if not more effectively.

Branded pens are an evergreen product. They have been popular for decades, this popularity is due to how well they work in client promotions. Branded Pens are low cost, functional, offer great message exposure and are quick and easy to organise through Promotion Products! If you would like us to organise your next supply please call us on 1300 303 717 for friendly advice now!

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