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Your logo + Promotional Calculators = Success!  The equation is simple.  A calculator is a brilliant way of promoting your brand on your customer's desk.  All of the calculators in this gallery can be decorated with your logo.

Welcome to our Promotional Calculator Superstore

Get the right calculator at the right price. Just click on the images for costs of these handy little office billboards including your logo print. Remember!: we will not be beaten on price.

Do the sums!!!...a calculator branded with your message and logo will sit on a clients desk for many years. Every day they will be subtly exposed to your logo and message - it might be something as simple as your telephone number or web address: your message will become ingrained! 

A smarter choice as your supplier:

We are a preferred supplier to many of Australia's largest companies, and government departments  so you are in good company when shopping here at Promotion Products.  They, like you want three things we focus on: Quality Products ~ Low Prices ~ Great Service.  If this sounds like what you need simply pick up your phone and call us on 1300 303 717 we are ready and waiting for your call: The Promotion Products Team

We promise you great value: everytime

We are in business to have repeat customers.  This can only be achieved when we play at a level higher than our competitors. To achieve our goal of having a high amount of repeat customers we must stive to be teh best in three areas:

Branded calculator prices checked and lowered

This is not rocket science.  We understand that when you find the product that will work best for you you want it at the lowest price possible.  We can offer lower prices because of our bulk buying power, secondly we price check our competitors websites and if we the same or simialr items for a lower price we will lower ours accordingly.

Quality Office Supplies

Lromotional Logo Calculators are available from many different factories and importers, however all are not the same. We use only quality factories with a reputation for quality. We know for a fact that a quality calculator will last longer and therefore give your promotion longer legs!  We also understand that these items when bearing your logo become extensions of your brand and if they are of a poor quality this will reflect poorly on your brand and reputation.  We just don't want to go there!

Customer Service and old fashioned manners

Lastly, superior customer service, is an area that we work on.  Good manners and organisation are the way that we naturally express our customer service focus.  We have a mindset of trying to fit into your mind by asking ourselves 'what does the customer want, need and expect'? From your first call for your order of office Promotional Products like calculators to delivery time we aim t make the process as simple as possible for you.

We look forward top assisting you soon: call us at anytime on 1300 303 717.