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Always popular and effective!  A drink coaster is a low-cost, high impact way of marketing your brand.  Available in a wide range of different materials and styles, you can easily find something here that you like.

Promotional Coasters - with custom branding

Drinks Coasters are an under-used Promotional Product type. At Promotion Products we believe that some Promotional Items can be categorised as 'evergreens' - always popular, or, and always effective. Yes, there are more 'exciting' and trendier products out there but the functionality of the Printed Desk Coaster cannot be argued with! They offer unrivaled value-for-money and marketing impact.

Costs shown ALWAYS include your branding and set up costs: CALL US NOW ON 1300 303 717.

Branded Drinks Coaster Value Every Time

We have a focus on delivering good value options to all of our clients - Promotional Coasters included. You can see our costs straight away by clicking on the images above. See our Beer Coasters here.



Why buy Promotional or Printed Coasters?: When we make any purchasing decision it is a good idea to check that the reasons behind the choice are solid. So it is therefore a smart idea to ask some very basic , searching questions before going ahead with a purchase, ask questions like: 'what do i want this coaster to do?', 'who am I promoting too?' and 'what is my budget?'. Of course it can be presumed that you have already asked these questions and that is why you are here! However just to reinforce these reasons: in our experience the two primary reasons that people want to get corporate promotional drinks coasters are - first of all as a Promotional Marketing Strategy and secondly as a functional product that the recipient will use time and time again. Of course when we print your logo or message on these it immediately becomes a Promotional Drinks Coaster so the question arises - why coasters? Unlike items that only have a novelty factor the Coaster or Promotional Pen or Coffee Mug which serves a direct function. Coasters vary in price so with budget options they can also be cheap making them even more appealing. Having a degree of functionality is essential. You want the recipient to engage immediately with the gift or item that you give them - a coaster serves a very basic utility of protecting desks and tables from ring marks on cups, mugs and glassware. This basic function means that there is a strong chance it will be used and engaged with straightaway. This means that your branding or print is consumed and interacted with immediately. Secondly as this corporate coaster will be used on a repetitive basis your message will be exposed several times (making the cost per impression very low).

Different types of Coasters: Very basically we offer 3 different types of coasters to our clients. These can all be branded with your logo or identity. The first group are disposable coasters - these are basically beer mat coasters and are made from hard cardboard. Usually printed on both sides the cost of these drops very significantly on large volumes. We can produce these for a few cents each for buyers of 50 000 plus who can wait for them to come from our Chinese Factory (up to 10 weeks) - see here: Beer Coasters. Next are our most popular ones that are seen above as the 'Promotional Drinks Coaster' and 'Custom Drinks Coaster - Skinny'. These two are made from the same material as mouse mats and come in a thickness of either of 3mm or 1mm and either square or round cut. The great thing about these options is not only are they of a good quality and therefore suitable for continued and repeat usage they are also printed in full colour for no extra cost. This means we can be very creative with your design and use unlimited colour which is a great way to get your message noticed. Lastly we also offer 'Corporate Coasters' - this is a broad group of options that are aimed at the upper end of the market. Typically made from metal, leather or glass these coasters are for discerning buyers who want long term, high end brand promotion.

Making your Coasters unique: Selecting the right Coaster is only half of the story, of course, you understand that a coaster is designed to protect surfaces from coffee mugs or glasses, you also understand that they come in at different price point and that generally speaking a more expensive coaster will last longer. However one of the least considered aspects of buying any promotional product and especially printed coasters is the development of quality artwork and design and how that affects the promotional outcome. When we at Promotion Products develop your artwork or design we understand that these are mini billboards sitting on your clients desk. As such a great design is going to achieve a far higher degree of product design interaction with the client than a poor, ill-considered design. Good artwork should be viewed as an investment in your brand and image - not an afterthought. Unfortunately too many companies in the promotional market do not see great art as important part of their job. Every item that you buy from us you can take advantage of 1 hour of graphic artist time at no extra cost. This help to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary - coasters included.

Some more good reasons to buy Coasters from Promotion Products:

Great Value - many options Coasters printed with your details can provide years of targeted promotion. Costs of all our Desk Coasters include your logo print and set up. The top reason for using these is to promote to beverage drinkers. These can be in a hospitality setting such as a Restaurant or Hotel, if this is your requirement you may wish to consider looking at low cost disposable coasters like the Beer Mat. Another group of purchasers are those that want to promote a product or service over a longer period. Obviously a cardboard coaster is not suited to this sort of promotion. The Promotional Drinks Coaster is a very popular mid prices option. Made from a 3mm natural rubber base and then laminated with your full colour print these are our most options. Lastly we get quite a lot of demand for a coaster to be used as a Corporate Gift, if you want a gift coaster maybe try the branded coaster or vogue coaster set - both will be gratefully received by your client and provide many years of promotion.

We categorize Coasters as 'evergreen' Promotional Products. this simple classification is given because we see this product being used in successful promotions all the time. It is not a fad or the latest thing - Printed Corporate Coasters work so well as they sit your client desk at the place of work. This provides your contact details exactly where you want them - right in front of your client - day-in, day-out.

We look forward to helping with your order of Branded Coasters - The Promotion Products Team