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Reusable Drinkware

Helping you say NO to one use disposable coffee cups and PET bottles and YES to re-usable alternatives.  All of the items you see below are designed to be used over and over again, providing a long lasting branding impression and Eco benefits!


Promotional Reusable Drink Bottles and Coffee Cups

Choosing re-usable drinkware to promote your organisation has never been better!  Most importantly they're great for the planet.  With recent TV shows such as ABC's War on Waste shining a spotlight on the amount of waste generated by one off consumable items such as paper coffee cups, plastic straws and PET bottles.  Australian's are now more aware and are making changes and choices to reflect this!  One example is swapping from takeaway coffee cups to re-usable options such as Keep Kups, Karma Cups and promotional eco cups!  And rather than buying bottled water will carry a drink bottle that is refilled throughout the day.

Not only are they good for the planet but they tick all of the right boxes for an effective promotional product.  They're used on a daily basis and are re-used over and over again with a long useful life.  The generates a huge lasting impression at a great value price!  Showing that your organisation is taking environmentally responsible steps is also an effective way to build trust and instil confidence in your staff and Australian's view towards your organisation!

All drinkware you see here can be branded with a high quality print decoration of your logo or message.  If you're unsure what option would best compliment your promotion we are here to help!  Simply get in contact with us and we can provide you with professional tailored suggestion so you have the best promotion possible!

Types of reusable drinkware:

  • Metal Drink Bottles
  • Plastic Drink Bottles
  • Sports Water Bottles
  • Glass Bottles
  • Re-usable coffee cups
  • Metal coffee cups
  • Karma Kups